Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 240 - Eighth Tally

Well, here I am, eight months into this extravaganza, and I'm still having the time of my life. So many culinary adventures, so many great meals shared with wonderful people, so many new kitchen utensils!

Before I started this "project," I'd watch cooking competition shows knowing that I'd have no idea what to do if faced with challenges like that. And frankly, I'm still completely stumped by some of the things they throw at contestants on Top Chef or Chopped or The Next Food Network Star.

But at the same time, I'm seeing so many foods and dishes I've prepared and understanding how they work. Now, whether I'd be able to balance the flavors if forced to work with Twizzlers, jicama, and pastrami remains to be seen, but I know things like how to deglaze and make a reduction and fry and roast and grill and butterfly and so much more. So, I guess what I'm saying is, I'm ready to be The Next Iron Chef.


My lead is pretty much gone, I'm afraid. It's day 240 and I've completed 251 recipes and lessons. I've got to hustle now! I guess I'm going to be giving a lot of holiday dinners with some crazy menus. Wiener Schnitzel and Tortilla Soup and Cream Puffs. Perfect.

Wait a second. I just reread that last paragraph. I've completed 251 recipes and lessons. In eight months. That's pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, is there anyone out there who'd eat rabbit? So many of my guests are side-stepping that one. Dawn? What do you say?

Until we eat again....

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