Monday, March 30, 2009

Just shopping...

Wouldn't you know it? Stopped by Fairway today and there were MOUNTAINS of fresh artichokes... Argh!

Meanwhile, I just bought morels for tomorrow's Baked Eggs with Morels. I wasn't even sure they were morels, because there was no signage around them or the things that surrounded them (fiddleferns and some other glamor mushroom). And it's a good thing there were no signs, because the sticker shock would've sent me running for the bargain mushroom bin. $68 a pound!?!? Martha, these things better change my life, that's all I'm saying.

I've also been doing a little kitchen equipment fortification, with an emphasis on Martha's Macy's products. Nice stuff, Ms. M! I'm now the proud owner of Martha's ceramic baking dish, pastry blender, cookie scooper, batter bowl, and gratin dishes, and various other brands of new pots and pans (all on sale!) which Martha thinks I'll need to cook my way through her book. Between Costco and Macy's, I'm running out of space in my kitchen!

I think I'm going to take today off.

Until we eat again...

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