Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 180 - Sixth Tally

Halfway, people!

And out of 356 recipes, I've completed 216!! Still ahead of the game!

Some wonderful things have happened in the past few weeks that I must share with you:

First of all, I've received a couple of wonderful cooking-related gifts! David T., who was one of my guests for the Soft-Shell Crabs meal in August, got an earful from me that night about needing a terrine (it's a piece of cookware) for the pâté recipe in the book and how I'd been scheming to borrow one from The Martha Stewart Show because I didn't want to splurge on it for myself. Well, what did he do? He sent me one! What an amazing gift! So as a gesture of thanks for the gift, I thought it only fitting to invite him back for Country Pâté and turn it into a French feast dinner party. (Check back for the story in a few days - it's happening tomorrow night!)

The other gift came from my parents - a glamorous new mixer! I've been using a mixer that my next-door neighbor, Michael, was kind enough to give me. He and his partner had invited me over shortly after I moved in, and I spied a Kitchen Aid mixer box in the corner. "Oh, I was just eyeing that at Macy's," I said, and he said, "You want it? I just bought myself a new one." What a great "welcome to the building" gift, right? It was my first ever mixer, and it's served me beautifully. But now I'm really excited to have this beautiful, new, shining, silver wonder-mixer.

All this to say: Thanks, Mom and Dad! And thanks again, Michael!

And last, but not least, I have to tell you that...

[gigantic drum roll]

... I've been trading calls and emails with a producer at The Martha Stewart Show, and it looks like I might be making an appearance!!! There are no details yet, but of course as soon as there are, this will be the first place I crow! To merely meet Martha would be a thrill, but to appear on the show and cook something with her?? I'm beside myself, as you can imagine....

Cross your fingers for me, for both that and for the French feast tomorrow night: Country Pâté, French Onion Soup, Steak with Red Wine Shallot Sauce, Vegetable Tian, Roasted Potatoes and Crème Brulée. I'm reserving an ambulance for 9:30 PM....

Until we eat again....


  1. Jeff I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing all the details about your appearance on Martha's show! Who knows perhaps you'll get your own show next year!!!

  2. Kathy! Thanks for posting!! As for having my own show, don't hold your breath! I can execute a recipe, but these chefs who invent dishes and meals are in a WHOLE other category. I watch those cooking competition shows, and I don't think I'd last a minute against even the weakest of those competitors. They'd say: "You have 30 minutes to make an amuse bouche using sea urchin," and I'd be all "huminuh huminuh huminuh...."