Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 289 - Omelet with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

David's here, and you know he only eats three things (when it's not his "cheat" meal), and eggs and tomatoes happen to be two of them. I warned him that there's butter involved here, and he's willing to look the other way.

Omelet with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes (p. 89)

I've made a bunch of Martha's omelets, but I think this may be the first time I followed her instructions to a tee, specifically in terms of the size of the pan and the implement used.

I normally lean toward a bigger pan (10" or 12") for omelets, and I typically use a traditional spatula. But this time, I went with Martha's suggestion to use an 8" pan and a flexible spatula. And as you would suspect, Martha knows how to steer us to a "good thing."

The smaller pan makes for a fluffier omelet. It may have a smaller footprint, but it's loftier, which is welcome. And the flexible spatula is a perfect tool for this assignment.

I like the butter-to-eggs ratio here much better than the scrambled eggs recipe. 1T of butter to 3-4 eggs vs. 2T for 4 eggs, scrambled.

The filling doesn't go in until almost the end of the cooking process, and I worried that my refrigerated tomatoes wouldn't be in the pan long enough to get hot, or even warm. I probably should have heated them up, or at least brought them to room temperature before adding them, but David claims that they weren't cold, so I guess it worked out OK. By the time I cooked my own omelet, they had warmed up.

The tomatoes are quite juicy, so this is a wet omelet, and it's very tasty. The garlic, thyme, and tomatoes are so flavorful, and everything pairs great with the eggs.

In fact, the next morning, I made myself yet another slow-roasted tomato omelet with the last few tomatoes I had!

Jeff: A
Martha: A

Off to Spain for a vacation - Iberian ham and paella, here I come!

Just a little over two months left once I get back to finish my way through the book - There's going to be some major boogieing in the kitchen! Watch out!

And Happy New Year!!

Until we eat again....

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