Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 330 - Eleventh Tally

What?? Wait!! How did that happen? I'm a month away from my deadline?!? I feel like I just started!

I've been getting sentimental about this year... remembering certain meals, certain failures and successes, friends, flavors, and a ton of dish and pot washing....

I can't believe how much I've learned, how much I've eaten, how many I've served, how many groceries and housewares I've bought, how infrequently I've eaten out... Wait - this is starting to sound like my farewell entry, and though I've completed a total of 318 recipes and lessons, I still have another 48 yet to do!


48 recipes in 35 days. Whoa.

Can he do it? Will he do it?

I can and I will. If it means throwing a dinner party every other night. If it means making a leg of lamb just for myself. If it means staying up through the night filling cream puffs. I will finish this thing, by God!

I had a reader request (my first!) for pictures of my "wellworn" cookbook, which frankly doesn't look that bad. Maybe it's the dark colored cover that hides how much it's been abused... I tried to find a couple of angles that exposed the wear and tear: cracked binding and frayed creases.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cathy H for her sweet gift of the KitchenAid mixer sausage attachment. There are no sausage recipes in the book, but I put this on my wish list anyway because who doesn't fantasize about making their own sausages? (Um... actually, Jeff, you're the only one who fantasizes about making his own sausages.) OK, fair enough. But if I don't get around to making sausages and writing about them on this blog, it's only because I have
48 recipes left, not because I don't love my new sausage attachment. Thanks again, Cathy.

And look what arrived in my email box today - my photo with Martha!! Jeff and Martha, for real! Photo credit: Nick D / ‘The Martha Stewart Show’

Until we eat again....


  1. Thanks for the pics of your book!

  2. Nice photo Jeff! I do hope she invites you back sometime. The entire thing has been SOOO enjoyable!!!

  3. Wow! Love that picture of you & Martha! It would've been great to get a pic of her in the apron you gave her, too!