Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 344 - Kamut

I picked a lousy time to get the flu. Three weeks left to do 26 more things, and I'm down for the count. Just to keep myself in the game, I thought I'd knock off a grain.

Kamut (p. 413)

As a one-time vegetarian and somewhat health-conscious person, I've been aware of grains like kamut for a long time. Chewy, earthy, starchy nuggets of grainy goodness are an occasionally welcome addition to a dish/meal/life.

That said, I can't say I have any idea what distinguishes kamut from, say, spelt or farro or wheat berries.

OK, I just looked up the differences, and they do exist. But from a purely aesthetic eating standpoint, these seem pretty much of an overlap.

Martha's kamut recipe is very successful. The grains are perfectly cooked. And I enjoyed a biteful or two. But if these are going to play a part in my life, I'm guessing they will have to take a supporting role in a salad or pilaf. Alone, I'm just not that interested.

(Incidentally, in the picture, the kamut is cooked. It's in a strainer because it gets boiled and then needs to be drained.)

Jeff: A- (for whining about grains)
Martha: A

Until we eat again....


  1. Jeff,

    First of all, last time I checked the rule book, you are entitled to whine when you are sick.

    Second, aren't all of these designer grains really just around to provide more protein options for vegetarians and for everyone else to have infrequent vacations from wheat and corn and rice?

    For the rest of us, isn't kamut like Rob and Ellen, the straight couple who lived in New Jersey on Will and Grace? Every once in a while we see them when they can serve the main plot, but they aren't going to end up on anyone's Emmy nomination form and they sure can't compete with Karen, right?

    Whine away, and feel better soon!


  2. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for giving me permission to whine.
    I thought you were going somewhere else with Rob and Ellen and NJ. I was expecting a joke about them having to "kamut" into NYC.
    I always loved their episodes because they usually involved game night scuffles, which is something I can really relate to. :-)