Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 118 - Spicy Hoisin Marinade and Grilled Carrots

Does it count if I grilled these on my cast-iron stovetop grill? I'm going to say yes, because Martha mentions that option in the book. Although she also says that a stovetop grill can never replicate the way charcoal grills food (or for that matter, gas). Still, we do what we can....

Spicy Hoisin Marinade (p. 173)

I definitely had a dimwitted moment when planning this one out. The recipe for this says: "Cook meat as desired, basting with marinade during first half of cooking to create a glaze." I read this, and I thought, "Oh, great, just slap some on while it's cooking." I forgot about the whole concept of MARINATING! Ugh. So the pork chops that were supposed to marinate for 6-24 hours marinated for more like 3 hours. :-(

I could sort of taste how good it would have tasted if it had gone the whole time. The marinade is really well balanced, great Asian flavors. I was particularly tuned into the presence of mustard. I could have used less orange zest, because that really dominates here, but it's yummy nonetheless.

I was disappointed that it didn't get glaze-ier... it seemed way too thin to take on that glaze quality. Martha says it turns into a "sticky, spicy, sweet glaze when cooked," but I didn't experience that. Hmmm....

Jeff: B- (For forgetting the whole concept of marinade...)
Martha: A

Grilled Carrots (p. 349)

This was not very successful either... The carrots get parboiled in salted water, then grilled. Well, I so oversalted the water that these carrots were basically inedible. I didn't realize how much the salt level in the water would affect the taste!

Between the boiling and the grilling, I sprinkled them with Martha's fennel spice mix, but these were really beyond help.

Of course I ate them anyway, but I'll eat anything....

Jeff: D
Martha: A

Until we eat again....

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