Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 200 - Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet (p. 485)

I was beginning to think that the only truly great sorbets I'd make would be citrus flavors and pineapple, but this is definitely another winner.

I used four of those shallow 6 ounce containers worth of raspberries, which were supposed to yield two cups of puree total, but somehow I ended up with four cups. (?) I decided to add only the suggested amount of syrup, since the sweetness level seemed balanced. As the puree+syrup mixture was rather thick, I didn't bother applying the egg test. (See Mango Sorbet.)

I just froze it and prayed. And my prayers were answered! This may be my favorite flavor yet, although that grapefruit sorbet is pretty amazing. This has a ton of sharp/sweet flavor AND brilliant color. Great combo.

FYI, I'm now officially a sorbet-lover.

Until we eat again....

Jeff: A
Martha: A


  1. Now that you're a sorbet expert, don't you think it's time you revisited watermelon? And don't you think I should personally help you decide whether or not it's successful?

  2. Hey Annie- You know you are always welcome to come and sample the wares.

    As for Watermelon Sorbet, I don't think I failed the recipe. I think I executed it well. It's just that in my opinion, the flavor of watermelon doesn't lend itself well to being sorbet-ized. No tartness.

    You're welcome to try it. I still have almost all of it left. (Can't give it away.)

  3. Thanks! I'm there - for purely scientific purposes, of course. Just went back and read day 119 again, and I see your point.

  4. Love raspberry sorbet. Were you able to sieve out the seeds or does it make a difference?

  5. Hey Annie, there's an update. Adinah and I had a sorbet taste-a-thon last night. The raspberry won for best color and texture, and the grapefruit won for best flavor. The blueberry was edible, but subpar. And the watermelon was so unappealing that I had to throw it out. You wouldn't want to have tried it. Trust me.

    Michael, I put the raspberry sorbet through a moderately fine sieve, and I'd say 95% of the seeds were held back. As I mentioned above, the texture is really amazing, almost creamy, and there is the occasional seed, but not enough to bring it down. Maybe next time, I'll use my finest sieve....

  6. Such is life. But here's the thing -- we once ordered a dessert in a restaurant quite by chance. Watermelon granita. It was fabulous. Memorable. Martha talks about it on page 482 and 486, hint hint.

  7. You are positively obsessed with watermelon, aren't you?? I think that means YOU should make it. :-) You don't need an ice cream maker to make granita. (hint hint)

    Meanwhile, I won't be revisiting frozen watermelon treats anytime soon. I LOVE fresh watermelon, it's one of my favorite fruits, but it didn't appeal to me, frozen.

    Oddly, the fruits that are really exciting me in sorbets are fruits I'm not that excited about, fresh. Interesting how that works, huh?