Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 19 - I'm a star!

Some of you may have noticed that logo off to the right - the one that labels my blog as a member of The Friends of Martha Blog Network. Well, The FOMBN has just started a weekly feature which highlights one of the member blogs, and Jeff and Martha was chosen to be featured first!

Check out my e-interview with FOMBN founder, Kenn. Also, check out Kenn's cool blog, House Blend.

While I'm discussing The FOMBN, I also want to give props to another member blog, Martha and Me, by Brette Sember. She focuses on recipes and projects featured on Martha' s TV show and in Martha's magazines, and I've lost many an hour delving into her accounts of giving herself, her family, and her home a "Martha makeover."

FYI, I'm back from Florida, and my kitchen is up and running once more!

Until we eat again...


  1. Hey Jeff, love your blog! Looks like you're having a great time. It is nice to have a comrade in Martha! I'll be following along!

  2. hmmm, is it weird that I feel kinda proud of you for this, since I dont actually know you? Anyway, this is really cool. Glad to know you are home safe and look forward to more exciting kitchen adventures.

  3. You are indeed a star, I'm sure to many! I hope you had a fab-o time in Florida. I'm looking forward to your next cooking adventure!

  4. Hey everyone - Thanks for the well-wishes! And thanks to you again, Kenn, for the interview!