Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 41 - Omelet with Chopped, Blanched Asparagus and Roasted Winter Squash

Yikes, got a day behind! Let's see if I can remember this far back...

Omelet with Chopped, Blanched Asparagus (p. 89)

Yet another omelet variation from Martha. I would not have thought to blanch asparagus for an omelet, but it's a nice fresh option, with crunchy, bright-green, oil-free asparagus. Tastes great.

Jeff: A
Martha: A

Roasted Winter Squash (p. 313)

I had high hopes for roasted butternut squash. I tossed it with some fresh sage and thyme, and I didn't go for the honey/maple syrup option because I thought there'd be a fair amount of natural sweetness, and as FNBF pointed out, roasting often seems to unleash a lot of natural sweetness in veggies.

Turns out, not so much. The texture of the squash was just right: moist and fibrous, and browned perfectly. But the flavor was a disappointment. Almost bitter, it wasn't anywhere near sweet. I wish I had taken the sugary detour.

Meanwhile, I'm almost done with the roasting vegetables page! All that's left is corn!

Jeff: B (for not sweetening)
Martha: A- (for not making the sweetening mandatory)

FYI, I made another Perfect Roast Chicken tonight, this time with sage and thyme instead of rosemary, and I skipped the bed of onions. Again, very delicious, but the first time was definitely tastier. I'll return to the rosemary and onion version again.

But why does this chicken make my oven smoke so much?? My apartment was positively cloudy!

Until we eat again....

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